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Latest News

02-May-2007 - SpellGen 2.0.1 is released.  Fixed a bug with previewing spellbooks with domains.

03-March-2007 - SpellGen 2.0 final is released  A list of the new features is here.

03-January-2007 - Shame on me for never putting this up on the main site, but SpellGen 2.0 beta 2 has been available for a few months now (for those subscribed to the yahoo group).  SpellGen 2.0 contains many changes.

02-March-2006 - SpellGen 1.30 released.  This fixes a bug rendering spell lists and (hopefully) fixes the database login issue.

Welcome to the homepage for SpellGen, the d20 Spellbook generator.  SpellGen is a windows application designed to create spellbooks and spell lists for characters in any d20 based game. SpellGen uses XML reference files containing the required information from various d20 reference books; after entering your pertinent character information it will 'render' a spell list for your character including all of his spells. Spells are rendered calculated according to the character's class, level, ability scores, etc.

A reference editor is also included to allow you to create data files for additional references, edit the existing reference files, override spells with campaign specific versions, etc.

SpellGen is freeware, you may download and use it freely. However it is not open souce; the source code is not available for download.

SpellGen requires version 1.1 of the Microsoft Framework.  You can either download it from the link or use Windows Update.


My goal in making SpellGen was to make an application that would allow users to create spell lists using large sets of reference books for almost any class.  To accomplish this the application enforces a minimal amount of rules; instead it allows you to apply modifiers to almost any condition.  For example instead of knowing about the Archmage class, it allows you to adjust the spells per day of a class level by level.  This means that as new classes, feats, etc. are published in reference works the application itself does not need to change.  You can simply enter the pertinent modifiers applicable to your character.

I am hoping that the application will reach enough critical mass that others will create xml reference files for it, and that the d20 community can make it a self supporting project.  The application is only as good as it's data, my hope is that the community will provide to keep the application useful as new references are released.

Contact Information

There is a yahoo group to support SpellGen, if you have questions regarding the application you can post them there.  The latest data files I receive are also posted there as well.

Special Thanks

The original data files and concept for SpellGen are based on Steve's Spellsheet, an Excel spreadsheet designed to generate spell lists.  I would like to give a big thank you to the various people who have entered data into that spreadsheet, without which SpellGen would never have happened.


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