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Welcome to pigmentia.net, a gallery of my painted miniatures over the past several years.  Feel free to send me any comments that you have.


21-Feb-09: Arethusa, Nereid from Reaper and Asgrim, Dwarf Lord from Scibor Monstrous Miniatures.

22-Nov-08: A converted Lysette and Sienna, Arcanic Thief.

23-Oct-08: Flara from Reaper and Seoni (great model!) from Pathfinder.

24-Jul-08: SJB Studios Alejandra.

30-May-08: I've been busy and not had much time for painting but I have done a few models over the past 6 months.  Morbid Puppets 3, Banshees of Archeron, and the Future Widow.

17-Nov-07: The old, original Quaestor 01.

03-Nov-07: Alderan, Crane Warrior.

25-Sep-07: The Watcher

02-Aug-07: This was a blast to paint, the final incarnation of Irix.

28-Jun-07: Spectre of Archeron.

20-Jun-07: Zombies of Archeron.

19-May-07: Morbid puppets blister 2.

20-Apr-07: Sylvan Animae.

03-Apr-07: The dead walk the earth!  Some morbid puppets are up.

20-Mar-07: Wolfen Trackers are up.

05-Feb-07: The third Predator of Blood is finished.

15-Jan-07: Two Predators of Blood up, 3rd in progress.